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A LIFE ABSTRACT is a story of resilience, pain and strength. Artist Bob Bennett began his journey to recover the very night he was attacked. He made his way to a hospital with barely enough blood to survive and yet he did. During recovery he found he still “had his line,” with pen in hand he knew he would still have his art and the expression it allows.


This documentary will focus on the art and life of Bob Bennett. Wading through the early days of diagnosis for PTSD with one of the field’s emerging experts, continuing to produce beautiful and complex art, Bob has met his physical and emotional challenges head-on. His work on canvas and his work to manage his body, his pain and his internal life continue and we would like to tell that story to inspire all of us to face our challenges.


If you would like to donate to this project, there are two levels of donations:


LEVEL 1    $50 - $500

Includes 2 tickets to the premiere Tucson screening of the documentary and following reception.


LEVEL 2    $500 - $20,000

This level will be treated as an investment in the project and will be in first position for recoupment with a 5% premium after production costs.

Please donate through PayPay at


After graduating from Albion College with degrees in art and history, Bob went on to The University of Michigan and Eastern Michigan University to earn Master’s degrees in art education, fine arts and guidance counseling. 


Bob has exhibited and sold around the world including EMU’s Waterworks Art Gallery, The Old Town Hall Heritage Art Gallery, The Detroit Artist Market and Le Minotaure Galerie in Paris, France and Ann Arbor, Michigan. 


His work in Tucson includes volunteer work with St. Phillips in the Hills, teaching art to elementary students and offering support to others with PTSD. Bob’s work lives in the arena of modern/contemporary and ranges from abstract to still life subjects.

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