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A literary work can only be received through symbols, through concepts - for that is what words are; but cinema, like music, allows for utterly direct, emotional, sensuous perception of the work.

Andrei Tarkovsky


ALEX LEYTON, the director and cinematographer of Lucuma Film, started out in the camera department pulling focus for Steve Earle on the Hillbilly Highway. He moved to Los Angeles and worked on music videos, concert tours, independent films, Hollywood blockbusters, and commercials. He has worked with every name you can throw at him. In 2011, after moving to Tucson (a long story!), he decided to start his own production company.

KATHERINE LEYTON is a graduate of CalArts and has a 20 year career in television graphics working for E! Entertainment, Showtime, WB and the Hallmark Channel. She handles all of the post production at Lucuma including editing, motion graphics, logos if needed, special effects, etc. 


Lucuma Film believes images tell a better story than words alone. We have over 40 years combined experience in film, graphics and television. We create commercials, music videos, short films, corporate videos, feature films and still daydream about multi-media art installations and urban graphic campaigns. There is nothing better than movie night and the satisfaction of connecting image to sound to concept.  




Chile Lento

An exploration of time and memory

A Life Abstract

The story of local Tucson artist Bob Bennett

Penguin Contact

(working title)






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